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I haven't posted in a long time. There hasn't been much of a reason, but.....zzzzzzz......everyone seems to be needing the phone, and I can never log on for more than 20 minutes at a time. Wish I had DSL, g'oh ho ho......;_;

I bought a nice book from jpqueen.com this week for a not-so-great price, and then HLJ happens to get the same exact book in stock for twelve dollars cheaper! Damn it! It was the Tales of Destiny Character Collection book. It's hard-cover and has a lot of nice never-seen-before art from the second game. Plus, it has scripts of all the screen chats!....and a disgusting looking curry recipe. All I can say is--Harold is one nasty-looking chick! Just in case there was any doubt!

The creators say that Nanaly is supposed to be the "ideal" character in TOD 2, the one who lives her life the right way. And Judas is supposed to be the strongest example of the game's theme....which is? Friendship? Trust? I'm not sure.^_____^;;;

I got into a huge fight with Kristen this weekend. The cause and results aren't important--I misplaced something of hers and she got mad, and I had PMS ^__^;;....we reconciled while watching an episode of Cops. But still, I yelled at my mother at some point for not sticking up for me, because I always support her when she has a bad day. I tend to bring that up a lot in arguments, even though I shouldn't--but hey, I had PMS! ;_; Well...none of us are fighting now, but the day after she sneaked out to Target to buy some crappy plastic furniture, and she came back with a Gameboy Advance SP. She said that she felt badly about the way she always supports my brothers, and not me and Kristen, and that she owed it to us....somehow.

I feel HORRIBLE. I hate it when I lose it in an argument and make people feel like they need to give me special treatment in order to keep me from going crazy. She did get the thing on sale, and I had said I had wanted to buy one, but.....ugh! You'd better believe I kissed up to her for the rest of the day. I still feel like I should be running little errands for her in order to make up for it. How am I going to make up for this? Guuh......