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The weather was cold but the lighting was good today. I decided to dig up two more Takara Jenny friends to share. As I stated in my previous entry, Marine and Naomi used to be more prominent in my collection. I don't know if it's because I find them too common now, or because I've fallen out of love with fantasy color hair, but over the past few years I've sold so many of my dolls that I only have one Marine and one Naomi left. Here are their stories:

This is the first Limited Edition Brown Box Marine. I bought her some time in 1999. Her blond hair is quite poufy, but I think her coloring (cobalt blue eyes and orange lips) is the prettiest of the Marines I've seen. I think it might be the same as the original topknot Marine's, but I'm not sure.

She has huge hair and a huge head! I'm not a big fan of Marine any more (because of her huge head) but I still like this doll at lot. Sometimes I wonder if I should get the repro topknot Marine available on the Castle Country site instead, but I don't want to hurt Limited Edition Marine's feelings...=_=

Over the past ten years, I've owned Supermodel Naomi, Sommelier Naomi, a Castle Naomi with short silver hair and one with dark blond braids. I ended up selling all of them but Sommelier Naomi. I still think she's the most beautiful Naomi ever created:

I love the makeup and hairstyle on this doll. She's pretty old and has some flyaway hairs in the back of her braid. Other than that, I still think she's perfect. ^_^

I can't see myself buying any more Marines or Naomis. I think it's because they don't show different eye colors off as well as a doll like Julia or Annie. Especially Naomi! You practically have to squint to tell that she has purple eyes in this photo.



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Mar. 29th, 2010 02:19 pm (UTC)
Some people feel really sad when they have to give away or sell things they have owned. It is hard for me to when I don't like to keep anything I would not use ever again. My friends in the old country used to believe I was very nice about it, that was my pick after you spread the same joy you had about one thing to another person
Mar. 29th, 2010 08:45 pm (UTC)
I think that when you realize that your piles of accumulated belongings are threatening to devour you, it's time to start selling or giving away! :O It's hard to pay attention to the things you love when you're overwhelmed with a large amount of things you only like a little bit. If you get rid of the things you don't care about, you have more room and time to enjoy what you genuinely like.

Plus, no one likes a cluttered house....

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