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I'm concentrating on level-grinding in Persona 3 PSP, having only one day left before the full moon. I've decided that in honor of this game that has kept me obsessed and frustrated me for almost 100 hours, I'm going to try to make banana cupcakes.

Banana cupcakes are among some of the useful items you can make with Fuuka during High Priestess Community (Girl's Quest). At some point in every community, you have the opportunity to give your friend a gift and raise their Affection Points with you. Everyone has their picky preferences, but any sweet you make in Cooking Club is an automatic win for everyone. Especially the banana cupcakes.

So I wondered, do banana cupcakes even exist? Yes, they do. And Martha Stewart has a recipe for Banana Cupcakes with Honey Cinnamon Frosting.

I'm going to take some of the readers' advice and use cream cheese frosting instead of the honey cinnamon buttercream. Most testers thought it was too sweet. I would absolutely love to mix toasted chopped pecans or walnuts into the frosting, like you do with Hummingbird Cake, but both my mother and father say that they won't eat the cupcakes if they have nuts on them. Nuts to them. There's no way I can eat twelve cupcakes on my own.

I would post a link to the recipe here, but I'm afraid Martha might punish me. =_= In the picture, she uses sliced banana as a decoration. I think that's a really bad idea. Doesn't Martha know that peeled banana turns brown in less than half an hour? O_O

Some time within the next two weeks, I'm making these cupcakes!!!111