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I tell ya...

I've been writing for a long, long time (mostly crap), but I still find myself struck stupid when I have to describe something completely concrete, like a guy entering a room. XD

It's raining today, which is at least better than snowing. Especially for people like us who have well water.

Yesterday was my father's birthday, and as usual, Kristen and I were in charge of the birthday meal (it's really too bad, but no one else in my family can cook very well...=_=) We made him rigatoni with rustic meat sauce, and cherry crumble squares (which were from the same recipe as the strawberry crumble squares we made a few months ago, but with cherry jam). The pasta is one of the easier dishes that we make, even if the sauce has to simmer for an hour and a half. I don't really like typical meat sauces, but this recipe is made with pork country style ribs that you simmer with red wine and tomatoes, then remove,shred and mix back into the sauce. Then the whole thing gets tossed with bite-sized rigatoni. I like it a lot better than the traditional Italian-American spaghetti with meatballs. My father absolutely loves it. I think we're lucky, because on my mother's birthday we usually have to make cassoulet. :O

I'm two days away from the last full moon. Argh! Rather than feeling accomplished with what I've been able to do on the first playthrough, I'm ticked off by what I wasn't able to do. I'm on level 83 right now, and the enemies in Tartaros are giving me piddly experience. How am I ever going to build up my level high enough to make Messiah, or even Metatron? Am I ever going to be able to beat that Shinigami and open up the normal extra dungeon?

So, as predicted, I was unable to max out Justice, Empress, Magician, Lovers and Emperor Community. I did manage to max out Aeon Community with a few days to spare. I don't know if I should be satisfied or disgusted...

I can't believe that Aegis turned to be a psychotic lesbian robot, a'la Oniisama E. I wouldn't be bothered if she was just a lesbian, but when she started harassing the Main Girl about whether or not she's ever been on the rooftop of the school lovin'touchin'squeezin' boys before, ranting about she never wants her to be with a man or anyone other than her, even if the Main Girl would be happier that way...okay. On a whole I have not been happy with the dating choices available in this game. You have the choice to either jump through hoops to get anywhere with the guy, even if deep down he thinks you're wicked awesome (Akihiko, Amada) or you have to submit yourself to a creepy stalker (Ryouji, Aegis--not officially a dateable character for the Girl, but she sure thinks she is!). The only character you can have an semi-equal relationship with is Aragaki, which is probably why he's in 3rd place in the gamekouryaku character poll, and Aegis is in 25th. If they had let you keep Aragaki in your party rather than put him in a coma (which is as bad as being dead) I would have been much happier.

By the way, Chidori is now alive. I'm not sure I care. I just wanted to be a completist.

All in all, I think this was a good game and a decent turning point for the series... but 95 percent of the characters need to go to hell. It was like Atlus thought that if they acted less selfish, it would somehow make them less bad-ass.

I'll probably finish the game over the weekend. I might take a little longer. I've been playing this game like a nut for 90 hours. I think it's time to take my life back.