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Knitting Thing.

I finished knitting my first Thing today. It was originally intended as an SD scarf, but I was only using leftover yarn and I ran out. A mini SD scarf it is! ^-^;; It's not exactly gorgeous, and it's kind of off-season, but I thought I should try to knit something easy like a scarf for practice. Unfortunately, now that it's off the needle it's curled itself up like a fruit roll-up! I guess I'm going to have to block it...or something.

Today wasn't as warm as I thought it would be. Still, it's nice to see sunshine for a change. Japanese studies are still bogging me down (maybe because I'd rather be knitting?) but I'm pushing ahead. I understand a little more than I did last week! One word at a time! I haven't had enough energy to look at the grammar dictionary again. Maybe tomorrow.

They were showing the anime Metropolis on TV a few days ago. Very nice animation. I had to stop myself from watching too much because I'd like to buy the DVD when it's released. I'm surprised it was on--they usually show complete crap anime on TV, like Tekken!