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Snow days, that is. Not Garbage Day. Yesterday was Garbage Day.

::gets shot several times::

Lucas has been really pushing his luck lately. He has a new trick where he likes to stuff his little mylar balls in hard-to-reach places like behind furniture and under closet doors, and watch as we struggle to retrieve them. We have this big, heavy chest of drawers in our living room, and last night he picked up a ball in his mouth and squeezed himself in the baseboard alley behind it, dropped the ball in and squirted out the other side. Then he arranged himself next to the furniture in relaxation position and watched, purring like crazy and squinting his eyes, as I skinned my hand trying to get the ball back. Once when he did it to Kristen he tucked himself under her arm so he could better watch her try to pull the ball out with a kitchen tongs. He is a bad boy. Yesterday morning I found three mylar balls inside my closet.

He's also been getting interested in paper grocery bags again. We usually keep a few next to the trash can to reuse later, and if he's bored and catches sight of one he HAS to pull it out and make us carry him around in it. This morning I took a bag out for him and he jumped right in. I told myself, "This boy is getting too spoiled. He can play in the bag but I'm NOT giving myself a hernia just to placate him." (He weighs at least 15lbs) So I ignored his little squeaks and huffy noises, ignored the tail whipping and vibrating. The he poked his tiny head out, looked imploringly at Kristen, and said, "Waa..."

He won that round. I gave him a five minute bag ride around the house.

I finished reading The Green Fairy Book last night. It was neither better nor worse than the other Fairy Books, and a must-have for fairy tale lovers. I usually love the art in the Andrew Lang books, but for some reason all the heroes in this volume were sporting porn 'staches. XD

Since I last posted about P3PSP, I kicked Takaya and Jin's asses for the first time and barely sustained a scratch (I think I was overleveled), beat the last Shadow without much difficulty ( I was really overleveled), witnessed the betrayal and death of Ikutsuki (big deal, it was like "Hijiri Goes Bad" Take Two, the only way to give meaning to a pointless character), witnessed the death of Mitsuru's father (with slick new portrait art for his dead body!), met Ryouji for the first time, went on a school trip to Kyoto, dated Ryouji very much against my will, fought Chidori, witnessed the death of Chidori (lovely new portrait art here too), received hints that I may have succeeded in saving Chidori, went on more dates with Ryouji, politely declined the invitation to the party in his pants, blah blah blah...And I'm one day away from the full moon.

So, a lot happened. It definitely does feel like the beginning of the end. I don't know if he's a popular character or not, but I am NOT happy that I have to date Ryouji in order to advance Fortune community. You don't learn anything about him, because nothing can be revealed until the story events later. It's just basically him acting like a creepy stalker, saying wistful lines that sound like they were plagiarized from Eva, and calling you his Princess while hitting on everything else with two legs. He said he'd love me even if I were a man! That kind of makes me wonder what he's been doing with Junpei all this time. I can imagine that some players will love this experience, but it was really not for me. The only man I love in this game is lying in a hospital bed, comatose! O_O

Well, to be fair, I didn't think much of Aragaki in the original game. It was the extra content in the PSP version that made him likeable. Oh, my gruff, gentle companion! ::sobs::

So I'm not enjoying listening to lovelove talk from a certain bobbleheaded freak. I told him I'd like to be friends, and he was okay with that. I have Fortune Community at Rank 9, so I shouldn't have to bother with him for a while.

Communities I maxed out since 11/5 are: Death, Temperance, Tower, and High Priestess. I'm close with Koromaru and Ryouji, but I think I've completely screwed myself over with Lovers, Magician, Empress and Justice. I have Magician at Rank 6, Lovers at Rank 3. I haven't even triggered Empress and Justice because you have to have Intelligence and Courage respectively maxed out in order to start the communities. Bugger me.

I just made Loki. And Bishamonten. Is that good?


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Feb. 10th, 2010 10:17 pm (UTC)
I admit, I was looking forward to meeting Ryouji because I was so blah about the other characters, but he's just...kimoi. And his character portraits are really unattractive.
Feb. 11th, 2010 01:41 am (UTC)
It really is too bad...on the whole, the cast of Persona 3 is pretty unlikeable, with characters ranging from psychotically bitchy (Yukari, Mitsuru at a few choice moments), to characters that aren't bad-natured but not the kind of people you'd ever fall in love with because of some unavoidable character defect (Akihiko for being pushy and patronizing, Amada and Fuuka for being boring) to characters that just kind of make your skin crawl (Ryouji, Junpei--mostly annoying in the Boy's quest, but still...), to characters that were retrofitted with decent personalities and development but are only in the game for a split second (Aragaki). And there's Koromaru, whose personality is "dog," though at least he doesn't talk like Scooby-Doo. And Aegis, who's in a class by herself--because did this game really need a robot girl?

I still really love the game, but my hands often ache to squeeze certain characters' necks. I certainly did try to like them. They're still better than the characters in most recent Tales games, heh heh...

Edited at 2010-02-11 01:42 am (UTC)
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Feb. 11th, 2010 04:50 pm (UTC)
That's so cute! I've never encountered a shop that has a resident cat before. I wonder if you only find them in the city.

I hope the owner doesn't give Mimi too much deli meat! That stuff is waaay too high in salt for a cat, but they seem to love it, anyway. :D
(Deleted comment)
Feb. 12th, 2010 05:30 pm (UTC)
It's tough...people get in the habit of giving their cats human food because they like it so much, and it helps them bond, but unless you limit it to a tablespoon's worth of minced roast chicken or turkey it really isn't good for them. Cats are only supposed to eat 350 calories a day. You can imagine how deli meat would add a lot of weight!

I'm lucky that Lucas has a sensitive stomach! Too much human food or too many treats, and we both know that we did wrong. :O

If Joe can treat Mimi with a little high quality canned food instead, he might be able to wean her off the cold cuts. Or plain cooked chicken. Either that, or he's going to have to stick his fingers in his ears when she starts whining. It really is too bad, but aside from the fat, the salt in cold cuts is bad for her kidneys.

I'm nervous around dogs, myself! I've met a few sweet ones, but my first instinct when I see a large dog is to back away. I have too many memories of being 4 years old and being chased and knocked down by my neighbor's German Shepherd.
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