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Adding a little flavor...

I'm still on the caffeine-restriction regimen. Two cups of caffeinated tea is probably pretty generous, but I wonder how many cups of tea or coffee the average person drinks every day? At my worst I've drunk five cups of tea a day. I probably only drink coffee once or twice a month. Some of the professors I had in college drank twelve cups of coffee a day. I think my bladder would explode!

I miss the full-bodied taste of caffeinated tea far more than the buzz it gives me (which only seems to happen when I don't want it to). I've been experimenting with ways to add flavor to commercial decaf. I always take black tea English-style, with milk and sugar, and that often leaves decaf tasting like marshmallow water. I've found that if you add a cinnamon stick and two whole cloves to the cup to steep with the tea it tastes quite nice. ^___^ Good luck fishing those cloves out! I guess it's only really worth it if you have the spices lying around...Orange peel and cloves are good too, but I've been finding that this year's oranges have reeeaaaallly strong-tasting peel. Better only use a small strip, unless you want your tea to taste like Sunny Delight!

On the book front, I've finished Woman On The Edge of Time. It was pretty meaty and not a quick read at all, but I thought it was an excellent book. Definitely among the best I've read in the past few months. Kristen just finished reading Let The Right One In, and she wasn't impressed at all. I guess that neither of us are really into vampire literature. I swear I heard the film was better, though.

So, I'm a day away from the October full moon boss, slogging my way through Tartaros, because it's my first time there all month. I have a lot to catch up on, but your party members don't get fatigued the day before the full moon, right?

I busted my butt and managed to max out Moon community with three days to spare. Basically, I had to keep a Moon Persona in my stock at all times and made sure I gave Aragaki the responses that made three happy notes pop out of him. I ranked his community up one level with each meeting, but it was still close! In the end I felt so bad for him that I decided to become his lover. I think we went all the way, LOL! So, screw you, Akihiko! I never liked going out with him, anyway. He's too prissy and hard to please. At least Aragaki was happy to let me be myself, even if he does dress like a homeless person and have a scary old man voice...

I'm pretty sure I fulfilled the requirements to save his ass. I know that you lose him as a playable character permanently regardless of whether he lives or dies. Big deal, I only used him once, anyway...

Even though I'm certain that Aragaki and my Main Girl have done it, she's still not going to have a date for Christmas Eve. At this point, I think I'd be happiest if I could date the dog. Either that or that girl from Hermit community. That's right, I'd rather have her date a girl than have to fumble around trying to win Akihiko's favor. =_=

Junpei isn't as annoying in the Girl's quest, probably because he's soft on women. Yukari is also nicer to the Girl, but I still hate her. She ruined my summer vacation with her endless bitching about her grudge against Mitsuru...o_o

So far the only communities I've maxed out are Moon, Hermit and Hierophant. Next up are Chariot (currently 9) and Hanged Man(8), followed by Sun(6). I also have High Priestess, Devil, Strength and Star at Rank 6. Everything else falls below that. I have been deliberately avoiding ranking up Lovers, because I hate hanging out with Yukari. I can't stand listening to her whine about her life problems. It's not like she's terminally ill...

Before I had to do the Aragaki rush, I spent night after night hanging out with Koromaru. I started to tear up sometimes, because it reminded me of playing with my BooBoo, and I think, do I really like animals more than humans? :O