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My Advice To The Entirety of Humanity.

Don't ever bite down on anything hard. Ever.

No, I didn't break a tooth today. But I COULD have! There was a walnut shell fragment in my piece of carrot cake, and if I had chomped down as hard as I wanted to rather than mushing my mouthful around with my tongue I would be crying right now. Just like that time last summer when I bit down hard on a peach and chipped one of my lower teeth on the pit. It was just a little chip, but it put the fear of God in me for days and days and days...

This has been happening to me a lot lately. I keep finding hard bits in my food and almost chomping on them to cause a dental emergency. I'm getting afraid to eat anything but mushy, gooshy food.

So, really, not to sound neurotic. Just remember to always chew your food gently, because there might be some odd shell fragment/olive pit/bit of miscellaneous grit waiting in there to do you in. End of service announcement.

On to other things. I think I might have made a breakthrough with Lucas. I play chase games with little mylar balls with him every day. I know that some people claim they've taught their cats to bring the ball back, but I've never had any luck with that. I just throw the ball, he bounds after it and knocks it around to chase some more or waits for me to throw it again. Well, I might not have been able to teach him to fetch balls, but now he apparently knows how to throw them. I saw him take the ball in his mouth, move to a different position, and pick the ball out of his mouth with a paw. Then he brought his paw back and threw the ball again for more chasing!

My funny BooBoo. He's so talented.



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Jan. 8th, 2010 04:41 pm (UTC)
No kidding! I've had incidents of that kind several times, and I am getting increasingly paranoid. I actually broke a chip off a fang thanks to a stone in the oregano I poured on my SPAGUETTI!!! And last summer I almost caused an accident to my artificial front teeth thanks to some small chunk of seafood shell in a PASTA SOUP.

Apparently safe food is the worst!

It takes a special star-alignment for our cat to push the ball back to us or even care about it, but it sometimes happens. :D
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