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...was the Delicato Mazarin Cake from Ikea.

I love almond desserts, but I wasn't sure what to expect from the little fondant-iced tarts. Would they be marzipan or almond custard? They turned out to be more like an extremely moist, tart-shaped cookie with gorgeous, gushy almond paste worked into the middle. I have no idea what they did to make them like that, but they were fabulous. I don't feel so badly about Trader Joe's discontinuing their Canneles de Bordeaux any more.

I actually like them even better than the Princess Cake. Any dessert that doesn't feature chocolate is great by me. It's not that I hate chocolate on principle; I like hot chocolate and brownies and cream filled chocolates and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla or orange icing. For a dessert I'd rather have almond, apple, lemon, vanilla, cream cheese...I am not one for a flourless chocolate cake. The one chocolate cake I've loved was a dark chocolate sheet cake with raspberry filling and fudge frosting that my mother's co-workers got her for her birthday. I've never been able to find anything like it.

And now the Mazarin are all gone. Oh well. After the orange-frosted cupcakes, Princess Cake, apple cake and now Mazarin, I'd be better off laying off the dessert for a while.