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Heeeyyyyy, I've been wanting to post about cooking a lot lately. It's one of my bigger joys in life, I guess (even though I hate the necessary clean-up) ^o^. I belong to the Picturing Food community, but I'm sure that if I posted there I probably would end up on Domestic Snark for my hastily taken photos. But the food, it wanted to be eaten immediately! :O

Here's my most recent tasty meal, Tamago-don. For those who aren't familiar, it's Japanese Oyako-don (a chicken and vegetable omelet simmered in stock and served over sticky rice) without the chicken. Tamago is the Japanese word for egg.

The veggies we used were onions, white mushrooms, bok choy and scallions. Traditionally, mitsuba is the herb sprinkled over the top, but I don't think you can get that in the U.S. This year's parsley crop has been as tough as heck, so I used minced fresh cilantro instead. Yup, I'm one of those cilantro lovers. The dish turned out really well. I ate every bite!

My favorite part was the bok choy. I've loved bok choy ever since I was a kid, picking those "crispy white stalky things" out of the Chinese food cartons so I could eat them all myself. Sometimes the egg in this dish is too rich for me. A crunchy, high water content vegetable like bok choy adds a refreshing balance to the dish. :D



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Nov. 1st, 2009 04:53 pm (UTC)
I wish I lived close to a Japanese grocery! When I was younger it was a huge treat to make the trek down to Yaohan in New Jersey and play around in an authentic Japanese supermarket. Unfortunately for me the trip was almost 3 hours! I really do miss the taiyaki they sold in the food court and the bookstore and the bakery and giant fruits and vegetables, the whole line of Yamamotoyama tea...it does pay to live in a big city much of the time, doesn't it?

I had never heard of kinome. Is it some kind of evergreen shrub? I know of burdock but I've never had it. Once I thought I had pickled burdock in sushi but it was really pickled daikon. I love that stuff!

Japanese cooking is fun. I like that there are so many easy-to-make dishes! You have to have a delicate palate to appreciate it, though, especially in this day and age when everything is so fatty and overseasoned.
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