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Been Gone For A While.

I haven't posted here for a long time. I guess the whole war thing has ruined my mood for just about anything. The TV has been on non-stop all weekend. I think that Dad is starting to get the picture that some people find the constant news coverage upsetting, but then again, I may be overestimating him ^__^;;.....

Last week, I went to Michaels and bought lots of yarn. They were having a sale, and I ended up buying a lot more than I planned. I picked up enough Homespun yarn to make an afghan, and Kristen had wanted to try out a mohair blend.....^_^;;....I've been trying to teach myself how to crochet AND knit. I'm not too good at either, but I've been practicing. Knitting in particular seems very alien to me. I don't know how long it's going to be before I can attempt a legitimate project!

I finally broke down and bought the Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar I had been eyeing for several months.Why do textbooks have to be so expensive? ::cries::

My official kanji count is 353. I know that's a really stupid way to measure progress, but I promised myself that once I hit 400 I'd cut back to 2 kanji 6 days a week! *_* That new dictionary is useful. At first I was disappointed because I couldn't find 抜ける in it, but it was there, hidden from my sight! I don't know why I have to keep looking for that verb, but it's been an odd curiosity of mine ever since I played Super Adventure Rockman. Kristen told me what it meant, but I wanted an official definition of usage! Just for my own reference, ha ha! I am irritated to find out how much grammar my Japanese classes left out. I would have never found out what ようにする meant if it weren't for my two grammar dictionaries!

Fuuu.....Just thinking of how some people can speak several foreign languages while I'm bashing my brains in trying to learn this one is humbling to say the least. I heard that the mind is more receptive to learning foreign languages when you're a child. Maybe I'm getting old?

Last night, I somehow managed to stay in the shower for over 40 minutes. What the hell was I doing in there all that time? I was probably cleaning the bathroom.....-_-;;....I keep telling myself that spending 30+ minutes in the shower every night is what gave me skin problems in the first place, but I've been okay for almost a year! Except for this little dry patch on my hand. I'd better stop washing my hands so much, then! Maybe I can get someone else to handle the raw meat for a while?