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They're still here...some of them.

Blaaargh...I found two ladybugs in the house today. I don't know if the rest of the swarm has left the premises. They could be hiding in the gutters, or in the attic. The good thing about ladybugs is that unlike a lot of the bugs you find in your house their instinct when they're threatened is to tuck their legs in and play dead. They're very easy to catch, very easy to toss outside. I haven't killed any ladybugs yet. I'm not a barbarian! O_o

As of last night, I've watched the entirety of The Mighty Boosh uncut. I still like the second series the best, though the first series did have some episodes I liked a lot (Tundra,Jungle, Electro and Hitcher.) The third series was the weakest in my opinion. Journey to the Center of the Punk was the best one by far, followed by The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox and Party. I thought the uncut version of The Power of the Crimp was at least much better than the version shown on Adult Swim (Vince and Howard not treating each other like crap for once! Yeehah!).

The worst episodes in the entire series, in my opinion, were Charlie (Series One) and The Chokes(Series Three).

Howard was very much the jerk of Series One, while Vince was the jerk of Series Three. I know that Vince's change in personality was deliberate, but it made the third series hard to bear sometimes. I liked it better when Vince was the flaky nice guy, and Howard deserved at least half of what he got.

I sat throught the commentary track for The Legend of Old Gregg. It was maddening and hard to follow, but at last I got confirmation for my suspicion that Old Gregg was supposed to look like Rick James. XD


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Oct. 23rd, 2009 01:54 am (UTC)
Eeeek. We've had a sudden influx of flying ants and ladybugs too; it's hard to shoo them outside! Hopefully they'll go nest somewhere else soon.
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