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Flowers In the Fall.

The fall flowers are blooming! This summer I planted two packets (15 seeds apiece) of cosmos and one of six-foot tall sunflowers, and they were all eaten except for ONE cosmos plant. Which is now producing gorgeous fucshia blossoms as a brave little specimen plant. This is not the cosmos.

It's more asters! And my precious rerooted Snotty Cat II Koron!

For those of you who aren't familiar with her, the 4th series Azone Ex Cute Snotty Cat II Koron had light brown hair in a rock-hard flip. It was cute and all, but I fell in love with the DS version's black bobbed hair and pale gray eyes. I love black bobbed hair! Unfortunately, the DS version is too scarce for me. Instead I got an already bushwhacked regular version off Yahoo!Japan and had my sister reroot her with black bobbed hair. As you can see, her hair is more of a shag. :D I still think the real DS version is cute, but the regular version's green eyes look so pretty with black hair. XD