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Weird Sight of the Day.

And I wish I had my camera with me. We have a big red-and-white Rose of Sharon tree growing against our house that I personally planted in 1999. We almost lost it a couple of times due to drought conditions and overwatering, but ten years later I am proud to say that the tree is 12ft tall and almost that wide. Everyone hates it but me. XD

The tree flowers July through September and litters the ground beneath it with a carpet of rolled-up spent blossoms that look like fat white cigars. The mess is really an eyesore. Early this evening I went outside to throw out some cardboard and saw a tiny baby groundhog standing on its hind legs beneath the tree, holding an ex-flower in its paws and munching it like a banana.

Such a cute, destructive little bastard. He did a nice job cleaning out under that tree.

We had crab cakes today, super lump crabcakes. Kristen made them and I just snatched bits of the crabby mixture to eat(before she added the egg, of course)and boiled peas. We didn't have any lemon to squeeze over the top, so we used Chipotle Tabasco sauce. Damn, that was good!

I've been drinking decaf tea lately, even though I think it's nasty. I recently learned of a neat trick to reduce the caffeine in regular tea by 80%: you steep the bag for 30 seconds, throw out the water and pour fresh water into the mug to brew as normal. It tastes a lot better than store-bought decaf!



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Sep. 11th, 2009 04:29 am (UTC)
Obviously, you're still going to get a little caffeine buzz (it would be 80% decaffeinated as opposed to 99%)but it's worth it for the taste. Decaf tea is nice if you just want a hot beverage, but with milk and sugar it tastes like marshmallows, not tea. :O

Heh heh heh...my yard is such a semi-tamed wilderness, I could write a novel based off the weird stuff I've found running around outside over the years. Two chickens, a poor battered piglet (we used to have a neighbor who kept farm animals even though there's no way he was zoned for that), a couple of wild turkeys, a pair of ducks when we had a swimming pool, a painted turtle I ended up dropping off at the pond down the street, and lots and lots of garter snakes that our gardening neighbor planted in her yard but kept migrating into ours (including a mother with her two babies curled up on either side of her like little worms, my sister found them when she lifted up a rock). And then starlings kept getting into the house. Thankfully that stopped when we had our roof redone.

Over the past three years, our yard has become a sanctuary for evil and destructive groundhogs. Last summer I saw a huge adult running around behind my house with two babies trailing after her(?). Last month, one baby ate three 12-inch pots of parsley in 10 minutes. I thought that they were becoming more numerous because their natural habitation was being destroyed by housing developments. Actually, this constant clearing of woodland has been creating the ideal habitat for groundhogs. They like to live in open areas bordered by forest. =_= I think they're going to take over the planet.
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