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One Fine Sunday...

"There's no way you're making this bed, ha ha ha!"

Here's another shot of my weird cat and my even weirder taste in interior wall paint. If you think this is an odd shade of pink to paint one's bedroom (it's bayberry!), when my aunt took over care of the house she shared with my grandmother for the past 20+ years, she painted the exterior easter egg purple. XD If I had my choice, I'd paint the outside of my house wedgewood blue with cream trim. That was what the Elephant in The Mouse and His Child wanted before the toys realized they didn't have enough of any color of paint and ended up having to do their dollhouse in rainbow colors. Either that, or wedgewood blue with red shutters, like a Moomin house. I'd at least like to have a red door.

So, lately I've been playing the Japanese version of FFVII. I bought a budget release copy last year when my brother broke his femur. We don't have much in common, and he was pretty excited about the U.S release of Crisis Core...so I thought that I should give FFVII another try and attempt to forge a similiar interest. Ironically, he didn't like Crisis Core and now thinks that FFVII sucks. (See now that my misanthropy is genetic?) For a while I considered selling my copy of FFVII without even trying it. I played it about 12 years ago and considered it to be somewhat of a disappointment compared to FFIV and FFVI...but, back then, I was totally opposed to the series going post-apocalyptic/cyberpunk. I wanted my traditional swords and sorcery RPG! I remember that certain parts of the game did get under my skin, though. The Ancient City, for example, with that eerie music and the seashell houses.

Thinking back, I believe the first RPG I honestly disliked was Grandia, not FFVII. Maybe I was just in shock because of how different it was from its predecessors, but now that I'm playing it again I'm finding myself actually liking it. A lot. More than FFVI. How odd is that? It's been so long since I played the U.S version that I can't really comment on the translation. I hear it was pretty bad for its time. At least I don't have to deal with Barrett speaking Ebonics this time around. He's much easier to understand in Japanese! =_=