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A Week In Review.

We had some nice weather for the past few days, but now it's back to being lousy humid. I'm going to miss leaving the window open at night. I was fooled into thinking it was fall already. =_=

Stiiilllll not done with Chapter One of my story. My only explanation is that it's a really long Chapter One and will probably end up being Chapter One and Two. (So far it's 34 pages in 12 point Times New Roman). I showed what I have of it so far to my Number One Toughest Critic, and all her criticisms were grammar-centric. So I feel better about my project. ^_^; Unfortunately, now the knuckle joint on my right ring finger is painful and swollen. I don't want to have to stop working until it gets better, so maybe I'll have to start writing with my teeth?

I have a book recommendation for all you out there who think I hate everything. I just finished Sky Burial: An Epic Love Story of Tibet by Xinran. It was probably one of the most heart-rending and depressing books I've read in the past five years (besides Andre Brink's The Other Side of Silence). That's not bad for a 225 page book with extremely large print. If you're one of those people who doesn't feel satisfied with a book if it doesn't make you cry tears from the depths of your soul, please check it out. Xinran's The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices is also an excellent read.

On the gaming front, I finished Porom's and Edward/Gilbert's Chapters in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. I just staring the Lunarian's Story--is it just me or does unmasked Golbez bear a striking resemblance to Dante from Devil May Cry? My opinion of the game as a whole still stands: it's not very good, but for weirdo FFIV nuts like me it's enjoyable enough to play through.