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We baked our first two loaves almost a month ago. We managed to foist off some of our starter bags, but we still want to keep our supply going. So, Kristen and I have been experimenting with variations. Variations! King Arthur Flour sells sourdough starter that supposedly is descended from some mother lode that's been bubbling away for over 250 years. Maybe if we keep it going we can end up in the Guinness Book of World Records! I'll bake two loaves every ten days until I'm forty! ::cackles::

So far we've tried Chocolate Cherry and Lemon Blueberry. Chocolate Cherry has you swapping chocolate pudding for the vanilla and folding a quarter cup of cherry preserves into the batter. It gets an A+ for taste and a B- for texture. It tasted like the best chocolate glazed donut I ever had, but the jam made it soggy. =_= We're going to have to trouble-shoot that one, maybe try substituting drained cherry pie filling for the preserves. Or dried cherries. Either way, the bread tasted awesome and won quite a few fans. I can't take much credit because it was my father's idea.

One of my mother's co-workers suggested using lemon pudding instead of vanilla. Lemon and blueberry taste great together, so we also tried folding in a cup of frozen wild blueberries, and substituted one teaspoon of ground ginger for the cinnamon. This one got a B for taste and an A for texture. The blueberries were a nice idea but ground ginger tends to disappear into a baked good and the lemon pudding tastes hella artificial. I think I'm the only one in my family who has a problem with it. Everyone else says, "What did you think it was going to taste like?" I'm sorry, but I prefer the taste of real lemon! Next time I might keep the vanilla pudding, use grated fresh ginger and add a ton of REAL lemon zest. Ten years ago I might not have had a problem with the flavor of lemon extract but now....it just ain't right.

My idea for the next batch is Apple Cinnamon. Keep the original recipe and add some chopped apple to the batter. I love apple cake. I hope this turns out all right. If it doesn't, we'll have four more bags of starter to deal with by 6/30...

I just finished reading the first Artemis Fowl book. My mother found it crumpled up somewhere at the hospital and donated it to me. It's obviously nothing deep but I thought it was pretty funny.