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Lots of Changes that You Can't See.

I spent the past two weeks tearing up carpets, ripping out nails and staples, and repainting my bedroom walls. I used the Benjamin Moore color Bayberry, but it really looks like hot pink. Well...orchid pink. And Mojave Desert for the moulding. The new rug and curtains are chocolate brown, which I hear is very popular nowadays. ^o^ I didn't mind the work so much, but having the house in such a state of disarray made me feel crazy. I think I had a stomachache every day until Friday, when we were finally finished. And, as they say on H&G TV, a beat-up wood floor is still better than outdated carpet. ^^; Now I have the power to transform any room into a vibrant living space!

I finished playing Atelier Violet in the middle of last week. I'm ashamed to admit I played through the game twice, once to get the normal ending and another to get the "Violet Becomes an Alchemy Teacher" ending. I really loved that game, even more than Elie. It's not easy, but there's just so much to do--I didn't even explore underwater or make a flying broom that actually flew until my second playthrough. At this point I would rank the Atelier games I've played, in order of most favorite to least favorite, as follows: 1)Violet 2)Elie 3)Marie 4)Judie. I've only played Judie for about five hours but I really don't care for it. The voice acting is worse than in the other games, the items spoil too quickly and there's no time limit, which destroys the sense of urgency and accomplishment. I would really like to get a copy of Atelier Lilie Plus next. Unfortunately, I heard that game is quite hard without a guidebook. Also, it's not so easy to find.

I hadn't used my Wii in like...six months, but after receiving a tip-off from my brother I downloaded Final Fantasy IV: The After Years from the Wii Shop Channel. It's too bad that they didn't put all the chapters up at once. So far my opinion of the game is mixed. The prologue and Ceodore's chapter kind of sucked, but Kain's chapter (which was tacked onto the end of Ceodore's chapter in spite of being one of the last released in Japan) was pretty cool and enjoyable. I'm letting Kristen do Rydia's chapter. I think the next batch is coming out on July 7. It'll probably be Yang's, Palom's, and Edge's chapters. FFIV was one of my favorite RPGs when I was a kid. I'm really looking forward to the following chapters!