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Painted a Doll.

This is the first 1/6 scale doll I've painted in a long time. ^_^ His name is Adrian. I know that's been a popular name lately, but I had planned on calling him that for a long time and I figure that since he's a 1/6 scale doll nobody would care!

That's Kuniyoshi's outfit he's wearing. I'm running low on 1/6 scale doll clothing. Kuniyoshi is now standing around stark naked except for his shoes. I know I should find him something to wear, but he looks really funny! ^-^

::wonders if she's going to be punished later by a higher power::

Kristen's been playing Rockman games almost non-stop this weekend. Hey, it's raining! I think it's good for nostalgia. She made it all the way to the end of Rockman 5 last night and was so drained that I had to beat the last boss for her. Ha ha! Nice to know I've still got it! The whole game was a lot easier than I remembered, but the Blues (Protoman) stages are still a bitch. The third game's also a lot easier than I remembered, but why is Rockman 2 turning out to be so difficult? It's because Capcom USA tweaked the difficulty level when they brought it over as Mega Man 2. The robot stages are still pretty easy, but the Wily stages are not! Why do they only let you carry two energy tanks? ;_;

I received my Tales of Destiny 2 soundtrack yesterday. It's been a long time since I bought video game music, but Japanese CDs have a short print run and I am NOT buying an SM CD! I had expected some pictures in the little booklet (CD Japan said there were!) but there weren't really any to speak of. Phooey! Still, it's a 4 CD set, and it's pretty nice. That "Lion, Fate Repeated" track is a clinically depressed version of his theme music from the first game. One listen and I was reminded that my life sucks and I screwed up all my human relationships ^o ^! But hey--isn't that the music it plays when your party's been wiped out? Hmm....I'm not going to lose a battle just to find out!

I broke down and let Maya borrow Anise's Volks glass eyes. They look nice in her. She and the other SDs are hard to photograph. I want to get her a wig, but I don't know what would suit her.

I was planning on sewing tonight, but I don't know if I'm in the mood. I still have to make Kristen an outfit for Saffron like the one I sold last week, and a skirt to go with Fuuka's top. I wonder if there's more of a market for handmade mini SD clothes? Not many people seem to sell them. I have some ideas for outfits that I'd like to make to sell--I just need to buckle down and act on them. It would help if I didn't have to make duplicates of every outfit so I can keep one! (I have bad business sense....)

There's an item in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment called an Item Breeder,and you can use it to duplicate anything you want (like weapon-making materials, healing items...). It's a lot like the "reproduction" skill in Star Ocean 2, where you reproduce an item by taking a picture of it with a magic camera ^_^;.... If I had one in real life I'd use it to duplicate my copy of Suikoden 2 and sell it on eBay. You wouldn't believe how high it can go! I can't part with mine, though. Too many memories...^_^;;...