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Gerda, Gerda, All in Black..

This weekend I sewed a dress for my customized High School Izumi, Gerda. I had always wanted her to dress as a maid with a black dress and a pink apron. The first outfit I had on her was a green velvet job that didn't suit her that well. I finally sat down and made her a dress out of black lawn. I'm not sure if I'm going to put an apron over it after all. Somehow I think it would detract from the few embellishments I added to the skirt.

I had tried to take some photos of her while the sun was still out and they didn't turn out well at all. Kristen was kind enough to snap these pictures for me later. I ended up switching her Jenny 17 body out with a Dynamite body. I'm concerned about the black lawn staining.

If we had some slugs crawling on the cinderblocks, this would truly be a great picture. At least the lawn is starting to green up a bit. Baby groundhogs have already been spotted munching our plants. Gosh darn it, it's going to be another hell of a year.