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Sewing sewing sewing sewing sewing......

Over the course of a few days Kristen and I sewed up these dresses for Sweet Punk Girls!Koron and Lien. Kristen did a lot of work on Koron's blue dress, and I did most of Lien's dress myself. Kristen is much more anal about every last detail than I am. I'm hoping her scrutinizing eye will make me a better sewer. ^o^

::sloppy topstitching on Koron's dress is my work::

::did much better on Lien's dress the following day::

Lucas was acting really cute this morning. He bopped me in the finger with his mercifully clipped claw trying to steal a styrofoam peanut I was about to throw away. I let out a fakey yelp and he starting rubbing against my ankles and winding between my legs frantically, like he wanted to make up for it right away. ^_^;...