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Believe in Victory.

I finally cleared Asellus's chapter in Saga Frontier two nights ago. Considering my track record with finishing video games lately, this is pretty impressive. I completed her story in fifteen hours. ::cackles::

It took me longer than that, actually, because I restarted the game right before returning to Facinaturu because 1.)I missed recruiting Princess Rei 2.)I missed buying Asellus's Mystic Magic and would unquestionably earn the Human Ending and 3.)I really wanted to be playing the Japanese version. So I picked up a cheap-ass copy of the Japanese version and started over. I really wanted to get the Half-Mystic Ending...XD

My final party consisted of Asellus, Ildon, Rouge(the one-man army), Gen(hey, he deflects attacks!) and Lute(he's actually awesome in battle!). I can't believe I went through all that trouble to get Rei and didn't even bother using her! She kind of sucked.

Zozma also kind of sucked, except when I was fighting that giant robot on the way to save Gina. I lost three times to him and was about to throw the game in the middle of the road to be run over by a truck when Kristen came downstairs and ordered me to use Zozma's instant-kill spell on him. He was killed instantly! O_O

The Griffon was easy. Ciato, Princess Lion (aka Princess Topless) and Rastaban were easy. As for Orlouge...

Good Lord. All my characters had around 850 HP, and I lost to him once. It took me almost forty minutes to finish the job the second time. In the end all my characters but Gen and Lute were dead. Gen had one LP left. The two of them whacked Orlouge back and forth, taking off 400 HP here, 500 there. I think Lute got the death blow. I haven't suffered that much from a boss battle in a long time.

I did get the Half-Mystic Ending after all. Gina is an old woman and all the remaining Mystics are frolicking with her in a field of flowers. Also, Asellus is a lesbian. We get it. If I had my way I would have her get lovelove from Ildon, but he seemed to not be able to stand her and she couldn't seem to stand men. Oh well.

I know a lot of people hate this game but I thought it was kind of interesting. I wish I could become the master of Romancing Saga, because the concept is so cool, but unfortunately I suck at it. ::cries::