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New Project Ahoy!

This morning, I opened up my doll cabinet to adjust something and my Noix de Rome Keiko fell off the top shelf and bonked me right on the nose. I saw stars. *_* No blood, though, thank Jove.

After weeks of struggle, I finally managed to finish another customized Jenny doll. I know it's been a while! As usual, Kristen rooted the hair and I sewed the outfit. She had to work quickly because she's waiting for the materials for a commission project to arrive in the mail. I think she did a great job! Still, I wonder if one of these days we should switch off, because I've rooted plenty of dolls on my own and Kristen is pretty good for a beginning sewer. XD

I foolishly didn't take a before picture of this doll. She used to be the October Calendar Girl Sayuri, the one with the funny pigtails and the Rune Naito-styled outfit. I think that Sayuri is one of the cutest of the new Jenny friends. It bugs me that she always seems to have the same face paint, but you have to admit she is a charming side-glancer. Say hello to Psyche!

Kristen rerooted her with Restoredoll Platinum White and HiHo Silver Mesh. Rather than order the color blended, she rooted big sections of hair in each color--just like she had for the green-haired Tamaki.

I made her dress out of robin's egg blue dupioni silk and plenty of lace trim. I added the waist ribbon at the last minute. I think it makes her look like a flower. :D Robin's egg blue has always been a special color to me. It reminds me of my childhood, when I would sneak around in my neighbors' yards looking for robin's eggs. I did manage to find quite a few, even some whole eggs that I stupidly thought I could hatch myself. Those really were great times! I never find those eggs anywhere any more...maybe the robins are doing a better job caring for their young?


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Mar. 14th, 2009 11:31 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much! I admit I'm like a little kid attracted to sparkly things when it comes to picking out trims and notions for sewing. They're a nice way to spruce up a simple pattern, like the mermaid dress I used for this doll.

It's too bad that no one seems to care about Takara dolls any more. They're so much higher quality than most anime dolls. I also like that they have a softer, younger look than Barbie. There are so many friend dolls to choose from that you don't have to be in love with just Jenny.

I think I've had the most positive experiences collecting Takara dolls. There was none of that ridiculous drama that attaches itself to anime and BJD communities.
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