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Bad Boy!!

It's a beautiful early spring day (actually, it's still winter, so it's wing?), 64 degrees and partly cloudy. Here's a blurry picture of Lucas acting like a cat-hole and going crazy while I'm trying to make my bed:

He's attacking the drawstrings on my knitting bag. I had taken pictures that looked even crazier than that, but they all came out like some slo-mo dance video. He wriggles around too much. :O

I made this dress for Himeno last night. It fits all right, I guess. ^^; I love sewing rickrack on doll dresses. I used to wonder what a normal person would do with brocade ribbon and lace tape, but after buying a few tops from Anthropologie I figured you just do whatever you want with it.

I must find...shoes....



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Mar. 8th, 2009 05:55 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I bought that lace tape at least five years ago, but when I went to Joann's a few weeks ago they had the same style with yellow roses instead of pink. Maybe I'll buy a yard or two next time.
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