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Teasing My Cat and Reaping in the Rewards.

This morning Lucas got on my nerves big time. He was goofing off and rolling around in a chair in front of me, and then he bopped me on the nose with his claws peeping out. He didn't hurt me, but I stormed out off to my bedroom to teach him a lesson. A few minutes later he came trotting in. He jumped on my bed and proceeded to do his very favorite annoying thing--climbing behind my headboard and tearing stuff up under my bed. So I decided to try an experiment with him.

They say you can judge a dog's temperment by collapsing to the floor in front of them and pretending to have a heart attack. If your dog licks your face, he has a good temperment. If he bites you, he has a bad temperment. So here I was, desperate to get Lucas's attention off wrecking my bed. I threw myself on the ground and let out a bunch of agonized sounds. What I got in return was a HUUUGGEE Halloween Kitty pose from Lucas in the center of my bed--no vocalization but fur standing on end, eyes blazing, ears back all flat. I took a step toward him and he jumped on the edge of the bed closer to me, then did Puffy Kitty again. I laughed my ass off and told him I was sorry. I cooed at him for awhile, and after his ears went back to normal I gave him a few pets. He started to knead the afghan on my bed and purr. I realize I probably scared the hell out of him. I'm almost tempted to do it again and take a picture but I won't. I hate it when people tease their cats. But God, that boy is so freaking hilarious when he tries to be threatening.