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2007 was the year of making stews. 2008 was the year of putting fresh toasted bread crumbs on everything. I will tentatively refer to 2009 as the year I sewed a lot. Ever since I replaced my old sewing machine in the fall of last year, making doll clothes has been more pleasure than pain. I'm still very much at the intermediate phase, but at least I don't have to struggle with clods of bobbin thread vomit every time I try to sew a pair of pants. o_o

I made this whacked-out dress last weekend from a Blythe pattern. It was supposed to be for a Pure Neemo doll, but something didn't turn out right with either the resizing or the lack of darts on most Blythe patterns. It ended up looking the best on the Jenny 18 body. Here it is on my Totoco blue-haired Ellie:

She was one of my ultimate dream dolls from 2000. I pined for her for months and ended up shelling out $95 for her on eBay. It was absolutely ridiculous considering how little she's worth now. But hey, those were the days. I remember this one seller unloading at least a dozen fantasy color hair dolls on eBay in January of 2000, including the much sought after Takara-bako Pink Abel. I think I won at least four dolls from that seller and ended up re-selling all of them but the one you see here.

She's special because she has blue eyebrows.

The bodice of the dress is Pimatex cotton, and the skirt is dupioni silk. Kind of a weird combination but I find the contrast oddly appealing.

Speaking of weird-looking dolls that nobody else likes, last month I was able to acquire one of my few remaining dream dollies: Mermaid Aika from the third(?) Ex-Cute line. From what I hear she wasn't received well at all in Japan. I'm not really sure why not, because she's a gorgeous doll with awesome iridescent green wrestling boots. She has pink eyes, too! At first I thought people didn't like her because her outfit was bad quality, but it's actually really well made. Maybe she's just too flashy?

She's one of my favorite dolls. I can't see myself ever redressing her.


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Jun. 3rd, 2009 06:52 am (UTC)
I just got my Princess Aika today, I love her! I never saw myself getting her but she grew on me, (and the little mermaid is my favorite Disney movie) She is so beautiful in person, I am displaying her without the long skirt piece, I think she looks cute without it. (I always like to make my doll a little different)
Jun. 7th, 2009 04:49 pm (UTC)
I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves Princess Aika! I think her eye color is really neat, and she comes with a lot of cute jewelry. She was the first Ex Cute doll I ever wanted. :D
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