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My Latest Project...

Hey hey, I have a cold today, but I did manage to finish another project over the long weekend. The first doll I customized was of an original character of mine, but this time I wanted to make a character doll from one of my favorite NES games of all time: Irene Lew from Ninja Gaiden 2. Back in the late eighties and early nineties most video games didn't have plots. I was 10 when I watched my brother play the first NG game and the cinematic storytelling really made an impression on me. I don't know if I love Irene as a character that much but in the second game she had a cute design. I thought it would be an easy, fun project after struggling with that cotton party dress. I was actually going to put off this doll for a few months, but then I realized that we already had the right hair color for her.

She began her life as a Takara Calendar Girl Chihiro. As you can see from this picture she was a pretty doll in her own right. I'll leave the details of the rerooting process to Kristen to describe because she was the one who did it. She rerooted Chihiro with Restoredoll hair in Cognac. I repainted her eyes light green and sewed her dress out of red stretch satin. The dress was simple but I had a hard time getting her hands through the sleeves!

I think that in the game Irene's dress was longer than that. =_= She had a sweet childlike look to her in the second game but in the other two she was pretty dowdy. O_O