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Cold Night.

I listed another little thing on eBay:


The iris design is very pretty on these eyes, but for some reason when I put them in one of the minis they look too much like the gray Tallina's glass eyes I own. Strange, because in the box they look nothing alike! Just the same, I hate to let these go...but I can't keep everything, can I?

I touched base with Emilie about the doll I'm making for her. I hope she likes her! I'm such a toad when it comes to mailing people. I can be a pretty rotten and unattentive friend sometimes, but everyone has their flaws, right ^____^? I should start working on some 1/6 scale dolls one of these days. I keep making excuses for not painting them, but I have quite a few without faces. It's sad. I know that the biggest reason I keep putting them off is because I'm running low on doll clothes. Why don't I just sew some? Everything looks better on a Super Dollfie, and they're more fun to sew for--that's why!

So far, the only thing I've put up for auction that hasn't sold is the glass eyes. I had forgotten that most people buy those eyes in a group order for a lot cheaper than what I paid. But I can't take such a loss when I paid $26 for them! I'll have to keep them. They look cute in Anise, I just didn't like them in Maya. Maybe I should make her side-glance?

I've been plugging along with crocheting. I'm still pretty bad at it. Kristen, on the other hand, has made some nice things lately. ^_^ She crocheted a cute hat for Maya out of that purple Homespun yarn that really suits her. She's also making herself an afghan in a greenish color called Regency. And then there's the ripple afghan she's making for our mother....it's beautiful, but it's probably going to take a long time to finish!

I hope the wig order that Kristen placed through Frank comes in! Maya is hurting for a new wig. If he can't get them, I'm just going to have to stash some money in my Paypal account and place an order with Minako. But I'm not charging a single thing on my credit card!

I didn't play Tales of Destiny 2 today. Oh, when life gets in the way of playing video games, what can we do? ^___^