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No Longer on the Lam.

This Saturday, we brought Lucas in for his rabies shot. XD

After being warned about all the horrible reactions that Ragdolls are susceptible to, I was dreading this day with every fiber of my being. Thankfully, Lucas didn't have much of a reaction at all to the shot. Not even the typical sleepiness and lack of appetite that usually follows vaccinations. He had a feline leukemia test too, poor BooBoo. He was plenty scared during the appointment but he didn't utter a peep when they jabbed him. ;_;

He screamed throughout the entire car trip. When we brought him into the waiting room, the receptionist asked, "Is that the cat with seizures?" Everyone was staring at us with a mixture of interest and pity. Lucas finally calmed down when he caught sight of this huge mangy Newfoundland that was dropping hair and drool everywhere. Still, when we took him out of the carrier his heart was pounding and his pawpads were bright red. He had screamed his temperature up to 104 degrees. :O

He was pretty good about being handled. Considering how terrified he was, I'm surprised he didn't try to nip anyone. I guess he only does that when he's feeling good. =_=

But no, both the vet and vet tech thought he was a sweet kitty. It seems that when he's scared human touch is the only thing that comforts him. They didn't believe me when I said he was a biter. ^o^;...

It turns out that he weighs a little under 13lbs. Pretty skinny for a Ragdoll! At first the vet tech seemed perturbed, because the last time we brought him in he weighed 9lbs. She asked us if she noticed that he'd put on weight and we were like, "He's 4 inches longer than he was last time!" Oh well, we had a different vet tech last time. How would she have known how much he had grown?

When we got home Lucas was so glad to be back that he trotted around the house and squeaked at everyone he saw. So far so good...I think that after 72 hours we should be out of the woods for vaccine side effects. I don't know when we'll get the results for the feline leukemia test. There's no way he could have that unless the fairies gave it to him, but we needed it done for his records. =_=

I've been having some fun with WiiFit lately. I have such terrible balance it's not even funny. I like the step aerobics the best. I know I need to get used to jogging but every time I do it I feel like I'm going to drop dead. (I might be exaggerating). According to WiiFit, I'm a half pound underweight. O_O;....I can gain that I eat salty food. My current WiiAge is 31, which is...not that far off from my real age, boo hoo! ;_;


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May. 27th, 2008 01:43 am (UTC)
He had the feline leukemia vaccine as well? Since my cats are indoor cats, that's one vaccine I refuse to have done. It's scary. My sis works at a vet and says they see cats with these sarcoma from vaccines way too often. They used to do injections around the neck, but after the sarcomas started appearing they stopped and only do it on the legs. Because it's easier to amputate a leg if they get a bad sarcoma. >_<

Here's a link on info about the sarcomas that cats can get from certain vaccines:

Poor Lucas, having such a hard time on his trip to the vet. My kitties sympathize with him cause they hate the vet too.
May. 27th, 2008 02:27 am (UTC)
Oh, no, he didn't have the feline leukemia vaccine (the contract I signed when I bought him forbid it). His breeder never had him tested for the disease, obviously because there's no way he could have contracted it, but our vet isn't taking anyone's word for it. I guess there needs to be a record made that Lucas is feline leukemia-negative. We only had the blood test done.
May. 28th, 2008 06:31 pm (UTC)
Do not worry
Do not worry, the results of the test of Lucas will be OK.

I am glad to read that everything is OK, and you still enjoy some games..

See you and good luck...

May. 28th, 2008 07:14 pm (UTC)
Re: Do not worry
Oh, it's Jose, isn't it? :D It's been awhile! As you see, I've been getting worse and worse about keeping up with my e-mail. ^_^;....How are you?
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