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Milestone for Lucas.

Lucas hacked up his very first hairball today! :O

It was the genuine article this time. I didn't actually see it happen. This morning after he gave me his usual cheerful greeting, Kristen informed me that he had thrown up in the bathroom overnight. I was surprised that she wasn't more alarmed--then she pointed out that there was an honest-to-goodness hairball lying in the puddle of cat goo.

And there it was, a small wad of greyish hair on the floor covered with vomit gravy. It was only a petite hairball with a few babies attached to it. More Petromalt for Lucas! We have been treating him all along but we still can't stop him from sucking the hair off his tummy or hoovering up fuzz right after he leaves it behind on the furniture.

He was in a great mood today. I guess he was just glad to be rid of it. =_=

Lucas has been making a lot of "Ooooo!" and "Woooo!" sounds lately. Those are his greetings of choice now. He can never just meow.