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Lucas, plotting evil.

It's been four weeks since I last posted. How time does fly! I hadn't felt much up to writing for a while because I was too anxious. Lucas experienced his first hairball two weeks before Christmas, and had been regurgitating a meal almost every day for 5 days....

We took him to the vet just to be on the safe side. He had no signs of obstruction or painfulness and his fecal exam came back negative for everything. He certainly does like to groom himself a lot! He also tends to gobble up his food. Kristen and I have been taking pains to slow him down and have started him on a hairball preventative. He hasn't thrown up in almost four weeks. So far so good. It's difficult to see your baby sick even if he's not really sick. =_=

We learned a few interesting things about Lucas with this vet visit. 1). He has no problems with going in the carrier but HATES riding in the car. He screamed so loud and became so agitated he drove his temperature up to 103.7 degrees! 2.) He is fascinated with other animals, even bloodthirsty dog-aggressive boxers. He stopped screaming in the waiting room when he saw two King Charles Spaniels and a Corgi misbehaving, curled up and watched them. A few minutes later a man came by with his boxer and as soon as it saw the other dogs they started going bananas on each other. But Lucas stayed as cool as a cucumber. Also, when we were leaving we passed a lady who had a cat in a carrier that kept meowing, over and over again. I hope the cat wasn't sick but it was so funny when Lucas started meowing back at it. ^o^;...Now I know what they mean when they say Ragdolls have no sense of danger!

As bad as he was in the car, he actually behaved himself in the examining room. Not like last time at all! He actually let me snuggle him for a while, which was sweet, because the last time he scratched me. =_= The vet tech commented on how hyper he was, though. Yeah, well....he certainly is.

And he weighs 9 pounds, not 11. It's hard to weigh a cat on a bathroom scale. He's quite large but for a Ragdoll kitten of his age 9 pounds is on the slim side of average. He has huge legs and a heck of a lot of fur.

What else am I doing? I'm writing a lot and playing Final Fantasy IV DS. I'm not very happy with the voice acting in that game, but hey, it's still FFIV...