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Empty Head, Busy Life.

I think it's funny that now that I finally have something to write about I don't feel like posting. I'm remembering that a few months before I brought Lucas home my younger brother said I was making too much of a deal about it. "It might seem weird at first but eventually he'll just be there. You'll just have a cat." He couldn't have been farther from the truth!

Because I don't own Lucas, he owns me. XD

Of course, after only three months I can't expect things to go back to normal. I don't think they ever will. Why should they? You can't live your life in comfortable stasis forever. Sometimes it bothers me that I've willingly created a chink in my own armor; I've brought something else into my life to worry about. I worry about when his tummy hurts and how he'll respond to the rabies shot but you know what? Those problems are just there. You can worry about them and make yourself sick, or not worry at all until something huge happens that you can't ignore. I probably should settle for a mild twinge of worry. ^o^

I've read most of the Moomin books now. Don't ask me why I'm reading Comet in Moominland last! I took a break to attempt to read Kij Johnson's Fudoki. I enjoyed The Fox Woman but there was something about Fudoki that temporarily turned me off reading entirely. I think the author's writing style is good but there something not believable? Likable? about the book. Maybe it's the cold, emotionless but seemingly perfect heroine? I guess it's supposed to be some kind of epic novel, which would appeal to some readers, but it's just not my cup of tea. Maybe it would make a good anime, but I prefer more humanity and less adventure in my reading material. Which leads me to wonder--just what kind of reader am I?

I still have other books to read but I went and re-read Moominvalley in November. There's something about that book that makes me want to lock in a treasure box and keep it with me forever. I never thought I'd find a book like that after all this time--not even my previous favorite The Neverending Story has held up to multiple readiings.