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Let Me Take Your Picture...=_=

Why do all my pictures of Lucas have to turn out like this?

I'm not even using the flash! Oh well...from my experience the only way you can take a good picture of a cat is to use the flash and take it outside, but Lucas ain't going outside, so that ain't happening. XD

Why am I listening to a Heero Yuuy cast vocal song right now?

I had a little breakthrough with BooBoo today. I lay down on my bed and he slept curled up against my leg for 40 minutes. He didn't climb all over me or try to bite my face or anything! :D Is he finally growing up?

Now that he's had a taste of canned food, he refuses to eat his kibble unless it's mixed with Wellness Chicken or Turkey formula. Little punk! I know it's not good for his teeth but I'm probably going to keep feeding him 50/50 wet/dry food in the future. Wellness is better quality than Royal Canin, anyway. Let's see if he'll let us brush his teeth! If he's relaxed enough he'll practically let me stick my fingers up his nose. I think it's hilarious that he continues to bite strangers when they pet him too much. XD

Never too hard, but still....XD

He also really enjoys being bounced up and down in my arms while I walk him around the house. I think it's pretty strange, but hey, if it helps him relax...


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Nov. 7th, 2007 06:30 pm (UTC)
Thanks ^o^!

I've seen toothpaste and toothbrushes made specifically for cats. I figure Lucas puts everything in his mouth anyway and when we first got him I caught him in the bathroom once or twice sucking on people's toothbrushes like they were lollipops (yes, I threw them out after that!). He might be amenable to tooth brushing if I get the poultry-flavored toothpaste. :O
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