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Note to Self:

Do not attempt to take a nap in an open room with Lucas in the house. He will strike his famous Halloween Kitty pose and pounce on you. Or, if you're even less fortunate, he'll crawl up next to you, jump on your face and nibble it like it's an ear of corn.

Also, do not attempt to do tummy crunches in an open room with Lucas in the house. He will tear into the room and run across your stomach. And he's heavy.

I was trying to retrieve his birdy fishing toy (Da Bird!) from the top of the hutch in our living room when he sneaked over and planted himself at the foot of the chair I was standing on. Because he has to watch everything I frigging do. I tried to do a long step over the side of the chair (to avoid stomping on and squashing him like a water balloon) and got the nob at the top rammed into an unmentionable part of my anatomy. I am a woman without grace...;_;

Also, the little fiend scratched me this morning. It was an accident, the typical "Ooh, gimmee that toy in your hand right now!" but it actually drew blood. Big boy has big claws now. =_=