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The Energizer Kitty.

Holy crap, Lucas was completely nuts tonight! He did the puffy kitty pose and boinged around the house like four times in an hour. I guess it was because he slept a lot this afternoon, or maybe he was jazzed about the Merrick Ocean Breeze canned food we gave him as a treat (he's bonkers about that). He got so hyped up playing with the fishing toy that he bolted up the living room sofa and did a running slide across the dining room table. XD I'm having a hell of a time keeping him off that table but we don't use it for eating anyway. Thank god he knows not to jump on any table when we're in the middle of eating!

He hasn't peed outside the box for six days so far since we took the covers off the covered litter boxes. He used to be all right with them but now I see his tail is too long to fit inside. If he uses the box properly for thirty days we're going to buy him another Cosmic Catnip Alpine Scratcher. He really loves the inverted cardboard scratchers!

Still having a hard time with the nibbling. He gnawed me twice today, once when I was taking him out of the hallway in front of my brother's room, and later on he nipped my heel trying to get me to play with him. Kristen sprayed her arms and legs with bitter apple spray and it seemed to deter him. I've been reluctant to do it to myself because I have eczema but...if taste aversion is the only thing that works...

I don't know how much I should worry about this. Any red mark that he leaves on the skin is gone within five minutes. And he's never scratched anyone. Is this what we get for adopting a boy kitten from an all-male litter? Maybe if he had grown up with some sisters he would learn not to be such a boisterous little punk. Oh well. XD

I'm slowly feeling like I can pull away and not watch him so closely...finally. He has his favorite haunts. He likes to lie on the kitchen floor and hang out in the bathtub. We have this purple recliner left from my late grandfather's apartment, and sometimes Lucas goes under it when he feels sleepy. If you're sitting on it, he'll slloooowwly slide out the front until he's resting at your feet. It's so funny when he hides, because when you finally discover him rather than shrinking back he sticks his face out to look at you. My mother was brushing her teeth in the bathroom with the door open, and he came out of nowhere to sit on the toilet seat and watch her with this @_@ expression.

Squishy Kitty is very interested in humans.