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::fluffs up fur and hops around::

What is it with the men in my family and cats? Last night when my parents came home from work my father started dangling his fingers in Lucas's face. Lucas, true to form, seized the opportunity to ease his teething gums and started gnawing on him.

I clapped my hands loud and Lucas stopped biting. My father patted him on the head and said, "Sorry, son, but your mother doesn't like it when you do that."

Later on, I noticed that the door to my parents' bedroom was ajar (they usually keep it wide open). My father was napping on his bed, so when Lucas came barrelling in I told Dad I'd get him out of there and close the door. He said, "Oh, no, don't do that. I'll have to get used to this sooner or later. Maybe if you leave him alone he'll want to lie down with me."

Yeah, right...heh heh heh...but I backed off anyway. Five minutes later from the hall I could hear Lucas zooming around the room and bouncing off my parents' bed going "googoogooogooo!" Dad threw a stuffed toy at him (but missed), he was so irritated.

I left the room again for about five minutes. As I approached I heard Dad calling, "No, wait, son, come back," followed by Lucas's piteous meow.

Lucas ran across the porch and climbed up his cat tower until he was at eye level with me. Then, and I kid you not, he WINKED at me.

After dinner my mother laid a pot on the ground and, wouldn't you guess it, Lucas jumped in. He found a new toy. After taking some bad pictures with my mother's cellphone, we tossed a ball in there and let Lucas play around.

And then my father says, "Why don't you lay the pot on the couch next to me? Maybe Lucas will want to hop in and watch TV with me."

I am so sick of my father trying to seduce my kitten! Kristen and I feed him, groom him, trim his claws, play with him and give him affection whenever he wants. We get our hands dirty making sure he uses the litter box, and when he misbehaves we rack our brains for an effective way to correct him without scaring him. Yet my father thinks all this is just to soften Lucas up to be the ideal lap cat for him. But I put the pot on the couch. Lucas didn't jump in. My father approached him and started teasing him with his hands again. I asked him if I could see his hands for a minute....then I squirted them with bitter apple spray. XD

I suppose I'm being creepy about this, but it bugs the hell out of me that someone who won't even play with a kitten for ten minutes can expect to somehow transmit his "love" to him and earn his trust. If Lucas wanted any of that, I'd have no problem with it. But whenever my father tries to pet him he either runs away or nips him!

My younger brother has been giving us a hard time about this. He tried to pet Lucas and he nipped him. He only does an inhibited bite, never breaks the skin and doesn't even hurt, but now my brother says he won't go near him ever again. Why doesn't he just not pet him? Why do people have to keep grabbing him? I keep telling them he's teething and when he's hyper and sees a hand coming at him he thinks it's a toy. He nibbles me at least three times a day. The breeders says he'll outgrow it, but...

Lucas got into my younger brother's room today. When my brother removed him he picked him up with one hand under the rib cage. Lucas is already a large kitten--does he have any idea how much that must have hurt? I keep telling him, support the hindquarters first..::tears at hair:: no wonder he doesn't want my brother picking him up.

My brother's angry because Lucas doesn't act like Mana. But there's a huge difference between an eight year old cat and an 18-week old kitten!

It bothers me because I wanted Lucas to get along with anyone and not play favorites. I guess his favorites are me and Kristen. =_= If my other family members would give him some time he'd give them affection too....I just get angrier every day, because no one else seems to understand or care about his body cues...