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Got Him While He Was Sleeping.

Mwah ha ha...success! I managed to trim Lucas's claws today. I did it while he was napping on the living room floor. He must've thought it was just a dream...XD It was kind of fun, actually. It really is a two-person job; Kristen had to hold his paw and squeeze the nail out and I went snip! snip! It was like stealing a key from around a jailer's neck.

He wasn't too bad today. His "riot hours" last under five minutes now. Either he's growing up or he's really that thrilled that we put a third litter box in the living room. :D Of all the games we play, he still likes the ball the best.

I sent a recent picture of him to his breeder because she always likes the updates. She thinks he looks really happy. I've never had a cat before, and maybe I don't know what's best for him, but I figure that I should give him affection and space when he wants it, the food and water that's best for him and encourage him to exercise. My mother thinks I'm nuts to indulge him in play so often but I want him to be as active as he likes. After all, he's not going to have this much energy forever! So he wants to be an athlete, even though I'm not by nature an athlete. Playing with him, I've lost three pounds I didn't need to lose. He's working up some nice muscle tone, though! XD

Kristen's planning on posting this picture too. I'll put it up here for the sake of people who might not see it otherwise:


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Aug. 26th, 2007 02:21 pm (UTC)
Aw, he's so soft. One great thing about actually playing with your kitten is that he'll associate the activity with having fun and getting attention, so he'll be more likely to be active when he's older. I'm glad to see you're clipping his claws too; too many people assume it's going to be hard and don't even bother so they never learn to tolerate it.
Aug. 27th, 2007 02:45 am (UTC)
He is really soft! Too soft, almost, because when I pick him up to get him out of a forbidden area I want to hug him, not scold him. ^o^

His breeder showed me how to clip his claws. It didn't look hard, but even the eight-year old show cat she demonstrated on struggled to get away! The worst Lucas does is pull his paws away. My brother's fiancee offered to do it for me, and some people get the vet to do it for them, but I know enough about Lucas at this point to realize that he'd be even less likely to let someone he doesn't know do it. I'm making a habit of carrying the clippers with me at all times; whenever he's snoozing I'll do a quick claw check and see if I need to trim them.

I hope Lucas stays active. I think it's awful when someone's cat needs to lose weight and they can't make them move to exercise.
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