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Ha ha ha...kitten.

So, I've lasted almost a week with Lucas, our new Ragdoll kitten. I've been kind of nervous wreck trying to keep him out of trouble for the past six days but I love him, I love him, I love him. When he's in a cuddly mood he lets me haul him around the house like a stuffed toy, and he purrs like a jet engine. He's so full of energy that I have to play with him for like, forty minutes three times a day. ^_^;...

I'm discovering that all his sounds have different meanings. The sharp yell means, "Pay attention to me!" The tentative mew means, "Pick me up!" The musical chirp either means, "Hi!" or "I'm off to the litter box!" and the clucking sound means, "I'm going to attempt a jump but I'm not sure I'm going to make it!" Also, if you pick him up and he meows plaintively in your arms he's saying, "Hey! I'm hungry, let me go so I can eat!"

I'm sure I've sprouted a few gray hairs over the past week. Lucas is a free-spirited kitty but he wants an audience with everything he does. Sometimes he follows me but most of the time he wants to stay where he is and demands that I stay there as well. I think he's finally starting to understand that I don't want him nipping me. I shove a toy in his paws when he tries and he gnaws that instead.

Some people say their cats are happier with crumpled-up paper and empty boxes than fancy store-bought toys. Not Lucas! The brat wants piles of fancy, flashy fishing lures and wands and ends up breaking them within a few days. My mother keeps bringing him stuff and he pounces on them like a little kid at Christmas. I never thought a cat could be so materialistic...

Whenever Kristen cleans his litter box, he comes tearing across the house to watch her. I have no idea why. He may be a brat, but his litter box habits are a dream. I'm starting to think he has an OCD and can't stand messes.