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Martha Stewart Hates Red Flowers...

...but I've always liked them. XD Even though most of the red flowers we've grown over the years came from free seeds! These zinnias came from a free mix from Park Seed. They were supposed to be a pastel cutting mix but look, they're all red!

Black-Eyed Susans were among my favorite flowers when I was a kid. Ten years ago we bought four buckets of them from Home Depot and planted them in our front border. Now thanks to the birds and the wind they've taken over our yard. Maybe I should try cutting some.

And here's a picture of my favorite sweets of all time, petit fours. These ones are raspberry, lemon and vanilla buttercream with marzipan flowers. We ordered them from Williams-Sonoma. I've had two already and they're pretty good but not as good as the petit fours from the Balthazar Bakery. I prefer my petit fours iced with fondant, not buttercream! Unfortunately, those are only available for Valentine's Day and Easter...boo....