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I feel like a big bloated eel. I've been eating too much salty food lately. I can't help it--salt is what I like!

We were planning on getting sushi tomorrow, but there's supposed to be this humongous snowstorm, and it's not worth dying over. It's a holiday anyway, so I guess I'll just sleep late and drink hot chocolate. I could sew a mini or standard SD outfit, or paint a 1/6 scale doll. Or read some more gory fairy tales. I think I could do a few of these things. Doesn't my life sound boring? ^___^

I think I burned my eyeballs while I was blow-drying my hair last night. I have wavy to curly hair, but it's fine, and it behaves itself a lot more when I blowdry it straight. Unfortunately, my hair is so long now that the hair-dryer would overheat and shut itself off if I tried to dry it sopping wet. I wish I could hack it off! My regular hair-stylist is having some health problems, and she won't be able to take appointments for 5 weeks. I've gone longer than that before (much longer!), but still....Mom had some barber-woman cut her hair at work. (They have those kind of people in hospitals??) She says that for what I would need done I should do the same thing. I say no no no! Mom made me cut her hair once. It was just a trim, but I did a pretty bad job. I wish I could have a cute little haircut, something stylish, but my hair is too thick and my forehead is too low for bangs. I can't do anything with my hair. I swear I break a sweat every time I comb it.

Heh heh heh...I've never even dyed my hair before. I guess that growing my bangs out when I was in high school was the only "risky" thing I ever did. When I think back to how I looked when I had bangs, I want to cry. Some little punk in elementary school once said I looked like a sheepdog. Oh well. I don't know what that girl is doing now, but I hope she's dead! O_O

Yes. It's about that time of the month.

Got some more of those mango ice cream mochi! I haven't had any yet, because I'm not really in the mood for sweets. (Read: I had two desserts today already). The Whole Family went together to visit Grandma on her birthday. I had lightly suggested to my father that if he and Mom were going up to see her Kristen and I would come along, but somehow my brothers got roped into going too. All six of us crammed into one car...it brought back unpleasant memories of summer vacation when we were kids. We brought Grandma a black forest cake, but it turned out she already had a cake. ^_^;;;.....The visit was fairly uneventful, but at some point my aunt showed my sister and me these fairy statues she had bought somewhere, and said she thought they looked like us. They were pretty statues, but the noses on them were HUGE! 6_6...And then she told my younger brother that she saw another fairy statue in the store that looked like him in a wig. I'm assuming it was female O_o....

My grandmother and aunt like a lot of strange things. My aunt in particular can be very child-like in her tastes. It makes me think that I'm a pretty boring person! ^___^;;; I have a hard time showing any real enthusiasm about anything I like unless I'm with someone that I know shares my interests. It must be neat to be able to turn people on to things just by being into them yourself!

No one is bidding on my two little auctions! I'm going to explode with anger!