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Lily In The Rain.

What luck! One of the lilies bloomed and it's pouring rain outside. I took this photo under the cover of an umbrella. These flowers, they are fleeting...but I try to photograph as many as I can while they're still in good shape.

That garden is overgrown with strawberries and oregano. Oregano can be a demonic, tenacious herb; all you need to do is toss the clipped flowers onto the lawn or in a garden and up comes another plant. O_O


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Jul. 26th, 2007 02:47 am (UTC)
I tried smelling the flower yesterday but it didn't give off much of a fragrance. Maybe it's because it rained? I had a Tom Pouce lily right outside my bedroom window for a few years before the voles carried the bulb away. It was beautiful and every night its strong perfume drifted through my window--it gave me headaches, but it was worth it for such a short time.

Well, there is that Neil Sedaka song "Laughter in the Rain"... ^o^ I wasn't thinking of it when I titled the post but it popped into my head a little too easily.
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