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Taking a Break from HP.

I'm 555 pages into HP7. I won't post any comments until I'm finished but damn, this is one long book!

This here is Phlox "David," the most awesome phlox in the world. It's the only one we have that isn't succumbing to the rages of powdery mildew. I love pure white flowers! I'm happy that for one year we don't have a resident groundhog in our yard; they usually chew the leaves but leave the flowers alone. We do have a few chipmunks, though. I keep seeing furry butts disappearing under the stone steps that lead to the bottom of the hill in our yard

Just one week until we bring Lucas home. ::shudders:: I'm actually pretty nervous now. I don't think we missed anything with our preparations but still, this is going to be an interesting change for us.

Heck...Bamco is releasing a special Lion-centric director's cut version of Tales of Destiny? Lion was my favorite character but I think this is way too much fan-pandering. Wasn't TOD2 enough? I haven't even finished TOD PS2--I stopped at the Swordian R&D Lab because the challenge jumped up and honestly, none of the characters are that effective in battle. I think that of all the Tales games I've ever played, the only ones I didn't take a break from at some point were Tales of Phantasia and Tales of the Abyss.


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Jul. 22nd, 2007 11:22 pm (UTC)
how beautiful!
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