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Well, That Was An Anticlimax.

I think I beat it. I saw the credits! After I reintroduced Alice to the joy of pain, I ran from floor 28 to 40, fighting very few enemies along the way. I had close to 600 hit points by then but I was so scared! Maybe I missed talking to some NPCs on the way. I don't care. It took me four hours to get to the end of the Nerve Tower--I had to memo-save halfway through because I thought my PS2 was going to freeze.

I'm amazed. You're never supposed to fire the Angel Gun, are you? Maybe I would've done better with the PSX version if I refrained from discharging it on the floor where you're supposed to find Little. I think if I tried to play the old version now I'd probably go bananas. XD Too much slow-down!

What can I say? I didn't think I was capable of beating BAROQUE, and I made it to the end by running from all the enemies! There were a few times I almost got, for lack of a better term, gang-raped on the later floors. I was lucky enough to find an accessory that protects against almost every status ailment. Once you reach 1200 cubits if you can't avoid being poisoned or paralyzed you're screwed.

The ending was kind of inconclusive. I was kind of hoping that the shower of Littles would reduce Advanced Angel to a puddle of goo, but nothing happened! The hero got to mack the naked lady god. Alice and Iraiza are two halves of the god. Rather than kill the god like Advanced Angel wanted him to, the main character decided to grope her instead. She looked quite a bit different in the PSX version; I remember her being dark-haired and wearing some kind of headdress. I couldn't tell if we were supposed to sympathize with her or what... In the remake they made her character a little more clear. =_=

I see, they put the bit in about Advanced Angel's sister at the end. In the PSX version, he mentioned her gory death at the beginning of Chapter Two.

I know I'm late mentioning this, but I think it's hilarious that after Kubi no Otoko buries himself in the ground, if you give him three Shinzou no Tane he turns into a flower! I don't know if you can do that in the PSX version. I just killed him--the result is the same.

Now that I've finished the game, I'm free to wander around and talk to the NPCs some more. Coffin Man has a new dungeon for me! And it looks like the Horned Girl is speaking from her own mind...I think. Advanced Angel still shows up, too, but he doesn't leave you the Angel Gun any more. I guess there's more for me to do.