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Chugging Along with BAROQUE.

I took three days off from playing BAROQUE to rest my injured hand. When I realized that rest wasn't helping, I went back to playing. XD

I just handed my "clean water" off to Iraiza (more like man-seed, huh huh huh) and sent her on her way. If it's anything like the original, I won't be seeing her again. And I triggered a CGI sequence of the main character's past--turns out he was a Siamese twin whose brother died when they were separated. Now, from what I gathered from fan sites, this was always supposed to be the case....but I don't remember it being mentioned straight out in the original game! I'm impressed that Sting worked to make the story and character relationships more clear in the remake. The PSX version had very few cutscenes, and you had to pretty much guess what was going on in the story.

I don't think I ever gave my Angel Gun to Dr. Angelicus in the PSX version. I don't remember her specifically asking for it.

It was nice to see what she looked like before she mutated, even if they only showed the back of her head. And in the flashback Advanced Angel was wearing glasses? Did they do that for fan service? :D

I'm grateful for the additional cutscenes and explanatory dialogue. It makes slogging through the Nerve Tower more rewarding. But if I can recall, in the PSX version there was some additional info about the death of Advanced Angel's sister. I'm not sure why they would cut that out--wouldn't that make him into a more sympathetic character?

I do not like the new characters designs. Especially not Iraiza's! She originally had wavy hair, and looked younger and more doll-like than...the spiky-haired Nomura-wannabe design she has now. The CGI models look pretty crappy, too, almost on the level of that PS2 Captain Tsubasa game. I think the Horned Girl looks better in the remake, though; from the drawing of her for the original game it's hard to tell if she's supposed to be a girl or a grown woman. I'm glad they didn't go in the other direction and make her a sexy lady with huge boobs! XD

All in all, I think the remake is worth it for fans of the original game. You get more bang from your buck--though I heard they changed the music. I haven't played the original game for a long time, so I can't compare the quality.