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"I'm Going Around Again!"

I feel like Patsy on the ski lift with a bottle of wine in that movie-length episode of Absolutely Fabulous. She calls down to Edina, who's collapsed on the snow below, "I'm going around again!" And so the cycle of addiction begins again.

I wasn't even supposed to be playing it, but for some reason I decided my future happiness depended on whether or not I'd suck at this game forever. I had to give it another try. And I actually accomplished quite a bit before the lightning-slinging ikei piled on me and I died.

But at least Coffin Man has a new dungeon for me.

There are so many ridiculous ways to die in the game. This time I went down in a blaze of glory, but the last time I was doing great until I threw an exploding bone at one of those poisonous wheely snail things and it blew me up too. O_O I didn't bite it instead, did I?

I had my reservations about Sting adding voices into this game. They didn't pick the most talented lot but I'm impressed with how seamlessly they managed to fit the voices into the background without calling too much attention to them. So I won't complain about them any more. ^o^;...

The question is, will I play again tonight? I'm not giving up on SO3, and I'm not sure if I'm ready to commit 2 hours or more to trudging through the Nerve Tower.

Then again, maybe I will.