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Feline Fun Day!

I noticed that one of our neighbors got a new cat. He/She's been skulking around in the bushes but doesn't want to come out. Kristen was out watering some plants (and trying to seduce it)when out came another visitor. And it's....

Black Kitty! They didn't give her away after all! At first we thought this was a lookalike cat, but she was so happy to see us (slamming into us, head-butting, rubbing against us, hitting us with her tail, kneading the grass, purring like crazy) that it couldn't be anyone else. We missed this girl so much. She has to be 4 years old by now, but she's still a small cat.

She seems terrified of the new cat. ^_^;....


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Jul. 3rd, 2007 05:02 pm (UTC)
I think that's because I took it outside in natural light. I'm lucky it turned out all right, though! Cats are hard to photograph.

She always looks intimidating in pictures but she's such a sweet, affectionate and playful cat. The way she runs up to people and climbs all over them trying to get them to pay attention to her, she's more like a puppy!
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