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Mid-Game Musings in Star Ocean 3.

Spoilers Through Maria's Arrival.

I don't know if this would be considered the actual midpoint of SO3, but I feel like the game has started its downward spiral with the end of the Seahearts/Airyglyph War. Maybe it's because I was originally a Suikoden  fan, but I prefer games with political stories to the sci-fi/fantasy ones.  Maybe if Maria were a more likeable character I wouldn't feel depressed to see the sci-fi elements reintroduced?

I'm not a Nel fan by any means. At the same time, it pained me to see the camaraderie she finally established with Fate and Cliff to be tossed aside at this point. Maria struts in like she owns the place, and all of a sudden she's the main character. What is it with the female characters in this game? The only one I can even tolerate at this point is Mirage, and she doesn't have enough personality to attract more than a passing interest. I remember that even when I was just watching Kristen play I started to really feel bad for Nel at this point. Imagine that!  She, Fate and Cliff fight a war together, but as soon as the highly-advanced aliens show up she's reduced to a cavewoman.  Damn you, Quark!

The end of the war was quite the anticlimax! It was too bad that Dion died, but ugh--good riddance to Amina! She was so ugly! She couldn't  wipe that demented smile off her face, not even when she was dying.  I like how Dion had to ask Nel to bend over to get the emblem in that treasure chest--he had to see her ass one more time before he left the mortal coil. ::snickers::

And I'm working backwards here! I saved an extra file before the Albel fight so I can watch those two cutscenes any time I want. :D I was trying to get the "beat Albel with items only" battle collection and MP-bombed him to death. It worked better than fighting normally!

I noticed that more than the other characters (except maybe Mirage) Albel's voice is very hard to hear over the cutscene music. I don't think it's the fault of his seiyuu because his anunciation is fine; the  sound volume is just too low. I've only heard his seiyuu in one actual anime--in Please Save My Earth he was that Takashi kid who kept crying--and his voice was as loud as everyone else's.

That was actually pretty funny, because Takashi sounded just like Albel and I kept thinking about those pervy Japanese FateXAlbel stories where Fate's a great big pervert who loves to beat up Albel just to make him cry.

But anyway....I love how Albel both looks and sounds like he's stoned all the time. Once you get him in your party he sounds more angry, but on those rare occasions where he's keeping his temper he acts like he's been smoking the funny grass for too long.



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Jun. 29th, 2007 03:48 am (UTC)
Blarrp...LJ ate my post...

Oh, yeah. Amina is a pumpkinhead. It's funny that Fate is all for building a weapon of mass destruction just because Amina flapped her tailfeathers at him. Even when she and Dion were collapsing all over each other, he had to make it all about him. What if she stayed in Airyglyph? Wouldn't he be contributing to her demise? Also, if Dion thought Amina was still in Airyglyph, why was he working on a deathray to zap the country? The only reason why Amina is supposed to be special at all is because she looks like Sophia!(who also sucks).

Albel may have a bad mouth and be an exhibitionist, but at least he's not a hypocrite. He was pretty nice to just rough up Nel's subordinates, and not kill them, but they still act like he's the devil incarnate. They were stealing from his country, anyway.
Jun. 29th, 2007 06:36 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Amina was quite the little tease back then, wasn't she? I wish they hadn't made her look like Sophia. It would have been enough for her to be the same age and build. Sophia's perpetually grinning CGI model has to be the worst one in the game.

The main party characters at this point are not pleasant people, so who would have a problem with a character like Albel making fun of them? At worst he's like the bad-ass captain of a rival soccer team.
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