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Wasting Time in Star Ocean 3.

I have to save all the 1/144 scale bunnies I earned from mapping as "money in the bank." If I don't I'll spend everything on Item Creation. It's ridiculous, because at this point the only extra inventor I have is Milennia. You'd think that with a name like Milennia she'd be a cool lady and not a middle-aged woman with a curtain on her head who hardly ever opens her eyes. I love the gangsta pose she strikes when she succeeds at item creation, but Fate is actually better at compounding than her. I can't make crap.

I haven't done anything else but map the Sunmight Plain. And earn the bunny that I'm refusing to sell because I would just waste the money on Item Creation. Nel is proving to be a huge liability against flying enemies. I crossed the bridge near Sir Felious and she died four times in the same battle.