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"Hi there."

Daylilies are kind of boring, but I think this one has a cute expression. ^-^

I'm sore all over from hunching over the floor and sewing machine, trying to hem curtains for my mother. I've also been playing around with Star Ocean 3, and it's giving me arthritis in my right middle finger. I've been playing the game for a few weeks and have clocked at about 17 hours. So yeah, I'm not a marathon gamer!

When Kristen played it two years ago, I thought it looked intimidating, but I actually think that it's pretty fun. I'm playing the Japanese version, which thankfully isn't as hard to understand for me as it was when Kristen was playing it! The story so far is kind of dry, and the characters aren't particularly likeable (except for Albel, mwah hah ha!) He had caught my eye even when Kristen was doing her playthrough. I didn't notice his bizarre, sexy outfit right away, and I can't say that I like it (I'm a prude!). I think he has great hair, though, and I love his Japanese voice because in contrast with his appearance he sounds completely normal! That's really the only way they could have pulled off a character like that.

Other than him, I dislike the characters in this game. It's not like in Tales games where they try too hard to make characters that preteens will look up to and want to buy action figures of. Fate is a whiny, self-righteous prick, Nel's a hypocritical bitch, and Cliff is dull and thuggish. They're flawed, unlikable characters because the developers made them that way. (Cliff too?) They wanted them to be gray, but maybe they went a little too far.

I think at least Albel is different because he wears his flaws on the outside. Sure, he's childish and vulgar. In spite of his appearance, though, he's a practical person. Unlike Nel, he doesn't back up his actions with lofty ideals about "doing the right thing"--awfully convenient if it's going to ensure your victory! Or Fate, who sides with a country that wants to build a weapon of mass destruction because one of his special people dropped dead.

I can't think of a single thing to say about Cliff. Except that he's boring, and I hate his voice. Souffle won some points from me for her scene in the stairwell--somehow I can tolerate childish characters more than the self-righteous ones.

Mirage has no personality.

So at this point, the only "evil" person in Airyglyph is Vox. What makes Seahearts so much better--the cute girls? The only reason they whipped out Clair, Tynave and Farin is because Nel is such a bitch that they need to give the player some solace for helping her country. And yes, I sped by all Farin's dialogue.

In spite of my complaints, I like this game a lot. I'm wasting a lot of my money on item creation.