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Not much going on around here!

See the title. I haven't been up to much lately. I sewed Fuuka a cardigan and I'm working on another outfit to sell, this time for a regular SD. I've promised myself I'd run at least 2 auctions a week for whatever I can sell--anything to help me pay off Maya's charge! It's not like I have a deadline, but I'm trying to be conscientious. ^___^;...

I changed Maya's eyes. They were actually easy to remove, much easier than Fuuka's. Maybe because they were glass? Sadly to say, the 20mm Volks eyes don't look good at all in her. The 18mm gold-brown B eyes looked really nice, but those are Anise's eyes, and I don't have the heart to hand them over to Maya like Anise is a second-class citizen! I put the 18mm Tallina's light violet eyes in her for the time being. I don't like them that much because of their tiny pupils but they'll have to do for now! I can't let Maya become a spoiled girl. We're going to get her dark kite purple eyes but she's going to have to wait for them.

I've made up my mind that I'm not going to touch Xenosaga until July. That'll give me something to look forward to. I'm sure my Japanese will be much better by then! I have to wonder how much vocab I will ever be able to absorb, but it seems that some words and kanji sink in instantly, and others are harder. I guess it's only natural that you'd remember things that are more interesting to you, right?

Why is my back so itchy 6_6?

I managed to swipe my big book of Grimm's Fairy Tales back from my brother's room. I had to buy it for an English course senior year in college, but unfortunately we only had time to read a few stories. It's a huge book, but I'm reading it from cover to cover--some of those stories are downright gruesome! Am I becoming twisted? It's funny that quite a few of the stories that were in that Grimm's Fairy Tales anime series have turned up already. They had some obscure ones in there!

Kristen's crocheting like mad. I want to help her pick out some yarn for another afghan! She made me a shawl that I've been wearing around the house a lot. The fun thing about learning how to knit or crochet is that you can make yourself cutesy little accessories that you'd never think of buying, but can't be separated from once they're finished. I wish I could crochet too, but I guess I'm the sewer. It's an important role--ideally, if you're into crafts, you should have knitting, crocheting and sewing at your disposal. ^__^ I want to buy more fabric soon. I should use up what I have first, though!